DIIPR-1002 Selection & Adoption of a Trademark


Module (A)

  • Introduction to Selection of a Trademark
  • Trademark as a Means of Communication, beyond Language
  • Benefits of Trademark in a Market Competition.
  • Trademarks and Social Media
  • Trademark as a valuable asset
  • Trademarks and Human Resources

Module (B)

  • Essential Questions for Selection and Adoption of Trademark
  • The ‘Negation’ Process
  • Certain marks to be specifically avoided

Module (C)

  • Marks that cannot be registered
  • Descriptive words
  • Common names or Surnames/Family names
  • Name of states/regions
  • Trademarks & Local Dialects/Languages
  • Things to be avoided by brand owners.

Module (D)

  • The Selection Process & the Pitfalls in the selection process
  • Using Fanciful, Coined, Unrelated and Unique Geometrical Designs
  • Distinctive Marks
  • Marks Suggestive of the quality of the products
  • Checking of Secure domain names and social media accounts
  • Avoiding conflicts by Comprehensive Search
  • Levels of strength or distinctiveness of trademarks

Module (E)

  • Trademark classification system (The NICE Classification) & its importance 
  • Importance of Searching in the selection process
  • Types of Searching
  • Importance of Comprehensive Searching

Module (F)

  • Searching Methodology
  • Packaging as a Trademark – ‘Trade Dress’

Language: English

Instructors: Dr. Mohan Dewan

₹1500 including GST

Why this course?


This course deals with the intricate aspects of selecting a brand name/trademark.
The participants will gain in-depth knowledge in the following areas:

  • The philosophy of a Trademark. Why have a Trademark at all for your goods or services?
  • The classification system of goods and services.
  • The selection process for selecting a Trademark for a new business or a new line of an existing business.
  • The process of Trademark searching.
  • What should be avoided in the process of adopting a trademark? (pitfalls)

Course Curriculum

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